Ok, So I find that A LOT of bloggers and celebrities LOVE to show you that they live wonderful, insanely Healthy, perfect lives, with yoga and fancy breakfast bowls on the daily.. AND they make out it’s a fricking breeze! Which lets face it, kinda makes you feel a bit pants about your squishy bits and love for chocolate and cheese.

Well, Its NOT TRUE! We often only see peoples front stage, after the training and hard work, make up and hair, months of matcha and greens and intense Fitness regimes where 90% of the work is happening and you don’t see… back stage!

Since modelling less in 2016 and working more as Professional celebrity and commercial Make up Artist and Trainer along with setting up Just Jennifer TV.. I’ve kinda relaxed into my size 10/12 jeans and I very much have gain in the squishy department. oooooops

BUT I’m being Totally committed in getting back to a fitter, healthier and in the long run happier me. YES it is gonna take some work! instead of just having a photoshoot before summer slurping on a juice with a banging bod, i’m going to share the journey with you guys. So if you feel like getting into shape too.. you can find out EXACTLY how i’m doing it! 🙂

My journey began on the B-E-A-UUUUTIFUL ISLAND OF IBIZA!
have a read of my article and watch my short video to find out more.

Jen X

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