🎬About Jennifer.💄

Make up & Hair

Jennifer has had an extremely varied make up career to date. Recently she has been working in TV and Commercials. She has gained her skill-set and ever growing love and knowledge for make up and hair from a wide variety of work and training environments; from editorial & SFX to counters & catwalks.


Acting & Voice Over

 In her teens and early 20's, Jen began acting on screen. She has worked on a range of productions from music videos & TV ads to period dramas & feature films. Jen found her passion for Voice Over Acting and her love for accents from an early age .. She now does Voice Overs and video training all over the world. 🎬🎙

Modelling & Presenting

Jen sees every chance to work on set as an opportunity. She was signed with MOT, one of the leading modelling and acting agency in Europe. With her on-camera experience, skills for teaching make up and LOVE of people, she launched her online education platform.


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🎬 From Jennifer. 💄

"Working both in front of the camera and behind it has given me a well rounded experience of how all sorts of shoots and productions work. From a high society weddings and fashion shoots, to a big budget movie. I have a clear view of what is expected and how to be prepared for it.

But quite honestly, I learnt the hard way! I spent a lot time and money on the wrong areas confused about which direction to go, not being clear if I was ready or equipped.

There is an element of 'Jumping' into any decision or career path.. but when I took it all back to BASICS I realised, actually if you have a good mentor, coach and community - it can all happen without the stress and overwhelm. 

All the courses and education provided here are built off years of experience.. a lot of successes and a lot of mistakes!

The goal in my life and in my business is to surround myself with a team that works in all the different areas of the industry, so anything I don't know .. I can find out pretty fast and by having FUN along the way! 

One of the core pillars of 'Back to Basics' is confidence building. We don't just teach you what you can do.. we guide you to do it believing in yourself along the way. 

I've found most of us are more than capable of phenomenal lives and careers, but if we lack confidence we lack conviction! Luckily I discovered confidence DOES come with competence ( the more you do the more you will be able to do..)

But it's also a learned skill you can work on RIGHT NOW before you even start, you wont be good at anything the first time round and that IS NORMAL.. 

I have seen time and time again that being a confident person from the start will help you get there .. and STAY THERE. 

Imposter syndrome ruins more dreams than failure does, So for me mental health and resilience is at the forefront.

Mindset is crucial to not just becoming the best industry Professional possible .. but becoming the BEST possible version of yourself. 

With Joy and love being at the forefront of our lives and business.. how can we not succeed?"

Just, Jen ✌🏽&💜 


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