🎬About Jennifer. 💄

Make up & Hair

Jennifer has had an extremely varied make up career to date. Recently she has been working in TV and Commercials. She has gained her skill-set and ever growing love and knowledge for make up and hair from a wide variety of work and training environments; from editorial & SFX to counters & catwalks.


Acting & Voice Over

 In her teens and early 20's, Jen began acting on screen. She has worked on a range of productions from music videos & TV ads to period dramas & feature films. Jen found her passion for Voice Over Acting and her niche for accents along the way and was hooked .. She now does Voice Overs all over the world in a variety of accents.  ðŸŽ™

Modelling & Presenting

Jen sees every chance to work on set as an opportunity. She is signed with MOT, one of the leading modelling agency in Europe. Presenting & Online education has been the organic next step in her career, With her on-camera experience, love for make up and chatty nature, she launched her YouTube channel.


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🎬About Jennifer. 💄

Jennifer has been both in front of and behind the camera for over a decade.

Loving being part of the theatre from early childhood, she chose an alternative and non traditional way into the industry at 18, leaving an academic route for a more practical one.

She decided to carve her own educational path into the TV/media and film industry that she so loved.

With a more of an adventurous and YOLO approach she just went for it.. somehow she managed to start acting in TV and commercials at 19 and by 21 landed her first role in a Sky TV drama.

As any actor will know, work can be unpredictable with highs and lows. So early on Jen decided she should add as many strings to her bow as possible! By getting involved with production from different angles she found a great way to explore the industry and learn the value of many other roles on a set. This would help her to become a better team player and performer as well as increasing her confidence.

As theatre and the arts go hand in hand and having a real love for people and a natural flare for make up, Jennifer decided to train to be a TV Hair and Makeup Artist. She went to study at Greasepaints school for TV, SFX, Airbrushing, Wigs and hair. At the time one of the best schools in the world for this type of work. She soon discovered how this job was not only fun, but could help people to both look and feel great and was a great success.

For over 10 years now, Jennifer has worked as a make up artist while also modelling and acting. Everything from being in dramas, playstation games and commercial campaigns, hosting educational shows to hand,hair and teeth modelling.. you name it! In her make up journey as well, variety is forever the vibe, she has assisted on fashion shoots and film sets, worked on music videos and celebrity events, she now heads up make up teams for big commercial shoots and high end editorials.

She has managed to learn both sides of the industry, giving her a unique perspective and a diverse set of skills.

For the last 3 years she has specialised even more on her make up skillset. Predominantly working as a make up artist for screen and celebrities.

Her portfolio includes collaborations with celebrities such as Patrick Baladi,  DJ duo, The Lalas, cast from Made in Chelsea and her most recent work has found her on shoots for brands including The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Times, FeMail, Colgate, Nokia, Nationwide, Matalan, T M Lewins and MasterCard. (check out her portfolio)

She has enjoyed giving talks at Estee Lauder and MAC head offices and assisting the world renowned creative Karla Powell in her master classes, working for Maggie Hunt and global make up brands like Make up Forever ,PAM, MAC and  Bare Minerals.

Jennifer worked her way up by assisting the very best in the industry. By saying YES to just about everything in the beginning, she learnt she could see the makeup, acting and media world from all angles, branching out to eventually niche down!

Her experience has taught her one crucial lesson;

“ That make up, it matters” to many different people and for many different reasons.


“For me,” she says, “It can have a greater impact on people’s confidence and self-development than most people realise.”

So FINALLY everything has fallen into place, she has found a way to to bring everything together.


With an amazing network of supportive producers, directors, make up trainers, make up artists, performance coaches, camera operators and editors, Jennifer has developed the most comprehensive “Back to Basics” make up course on the market! This course teaches the crucial basic skills and techniques needed for everything you’ll ever need when it comes to creating professional and beautiful looking make up, in a really fun and accessible way.

Furthermore, it aims to helps build confidence in learning and trying new things! While at the same time discovering and exploring your own perception of beauty. Whether a novice or experienced make up artist, she aims to build a community for everyone to learn something new.

Her and her team are now in the  development stages of her up and coming show, ‘Make up Matters.’

The show will interview people from all walks of life about what Make up means to them.. she’ll be digging deep into the industry, exploring where it’s been, investigating how it is changing and anticipating where it is going.. 

Stay tuned!


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