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πŸ™ŒπŸ½Tan in Ten minutes! πŸ’πŸ½


Most of us feel a little better with a tan right!?

Well this product is cheap as chips, easy to apply, buildable .. as in you can put more on a few days later if you want to be even more tanned annnddd it really was residue free! Which means your bedding and clothes are safe. (just let it dry first)


I don't often tan.. being already brown and all, but I do love being a much deeper colour especially this time of year.

(October when my skin tells me winter is coming!) Remember, product description wise I am a 'medium tan' 'medium beige' colour, I would say describe myself as Olive or caramel tone..basically i'm brown. ‍

So if you are very fair try the light matte colour and if you are more of a mid rose or olive tone, try the Medium matte. Always better to build, then look abnormally orange - which happens when you go too dark for your natural skin tone. Hope that helps!

Anyway, link to buy it is below! - look out in stores as it...

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