Industry Pro

Fast track. 

A 6-week Online training.

Taking things BACK TO BASICS. You will learn what  setting yourself up as a professional make up artist looks like. From what kit you need, to how to ask for money. 

This course helps you get clarity on your make up career, whether you want to work with movie stars or brides, in retail  or in freelance, part time or full time.

A team of dedicated professional make up artists with over 40 years of experience between us! 

We want to help you get started without spending loads of money and time on the wrong things! You don't need to feel lost, frustrated or alone,

- we got you. 

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The Artist.


The Client.


The Business.


The Artist.

Being a make up artist isn't just about being great at make up. You have to confidently show up as a professional. Learning to see yourself as a product and a brand, creates reliability in your role. Someone that stands out for the right reasons, book works and gets great feedback, does so because of who they are consistently.  


The Client.

Being a make up artist means your canvas walks, talks and has their own idea about what make up should look like! learning how to manage clients, find clients and keep clients coming back is more that just being good at make up. 

Cultivating client relations is a skill to be practiced. 

The Business.

Getting crystal clear on those business goals from the start. Creating a contacts list, understanding self employment and cash flow. How to freelance while working in another job and how to deal with contracts and negotiation all things you learn here. Looking at your dream as a business is not talked about enough! There are fundamentals to put in place even before you pick up a brush. Most people think business is about building a website, growing a following and handing out cards, yes all those things can be part of a business. Honestly, there is a lot more important things to do before you even think about to them. Building a back to basics business strategy will help you much more than having the best make up products and doing course after course waiting to be confident enough to start charging for your services.